1. Design a bulletin board poster (large poster board) with pictures and captions over a topic that we are presently covering or one that we have in the past. (Maximum--20 points.)

2. Newspaper or magazine articles may be brought in that have something to do with science (It doesn’t matter if it is a science topic that we are not currently covering.). To get 5 points credit, though, you must bring me the article and give me a brief summary of it orally.

3. Any ideas that you may have for extra credit may be presented to the teacher for verification as to whether it would be allowed or not. (Maximum--20 points.)

4. Make a detailed board game over the chapter you are studying. Make it colorful, yet professional, and be sure to include directions. With your directions, be sure to include everything that the players will need. (Maximum--20 points.)

5. Donate a book (grade appropriate) about the chapter you are studying, or you have previously studied. (Maximum--20 points.)

6. Watch a TV show about something in your Science book, and do a report on it. Make sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar. Make sure you include the full name of the program, who produced it, when it was shown, and on what TV channel.
(Maximum--20 points.)

7. Do a report on a historical scientist who has something to do with the chapter you are covering or one you have previously studied.
(Maximum--20 points.)

8. Do one of the experiments in the book, and tell about how it went.
(Maximum--20 points.)

All extra credit points are added into the homework point total only.